Wanna be my daddy?

July 11th, 2013

Submissive Phone sex

I have a fantasy that I think of over and over. Whenever I start thinking about my naughty, wicked fantasy I can’t stop myself from having to stick my fingers in my tight, wet hole. In my favorite fantasy I picture myself sleeping in a sexy little nightie with no panties on. In the middle of the night daddy sneaks into my bedroom and stares at me sleeping and after a while he wants me so bad that he pulls out his giant dick and starts to rub it against my face. I wake up because daddy starts breathing heavy, and as soon as daddy sees that I am awake he makes me wrap my pretty lips around his monster schlong and devour him until I start choking on his sperm. I want daddy so bad that I ache!

Wanna be my daddy?

XOXOX Carrie

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