October 7th, 2014

MMMMMMM, good morning gentleman, I am Carrie and I just got done touching myself to the dream I had last night.  I was a lil girl maybe 12 or 13,  and I got caught stealing,  security took me back to the store owner.  He took one walk around me and told security to leave that he would take care of the situation.   I begged and pleaded “there must be something I can do to make this up to you sir, anything you want just please dont tell my dad.”  He took another walk around me and flipped up my skirt, “well there is one thing” he said, “take off your panties and let me see that ass”  I did it nice and slow bending over to let him see my bald pussy.  He ribbed it up and down sliding his finger inside with ever stroke.

He took his cock out and I began to stroke it, making it harder and harder every second till he was ready to put it inside of me.

Oh you dont get anymore of story-time until you call and I will give you all the juicy details and I may even get so hot that I will cum for you on the phone.

Give Carrie a call.

Or im me at kall4carrie @ yahoo.


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