Ageplay phonesex calls

December 11th, 2015

Ageplay phonesex calls

Daddy knows how to take care of me and I know how to take care of him.  When I was little we came to an understanding, since mommy was gone all the time, that he would get me what ever I want and let me do whatever I want if I took care of his SPECIAL needs.  He bought me a computer for a blowjob and a car to let him eat my pussy and fuck my tight little ass.  It is good for me both ways, I get what I want and I get laid I love it.

You know you want this young ass, but just know it doesnt come cheap, or should I say you dont CUM cheap.  Call me CARRIE for all your ageplay phonesex calls, but bring your credit card and keep it handy.

Carrie 1-866-966-8927

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Ageplay Phone Sex with Naughty Carrie

November 29th, 2015

ageplay phone sex

Ageplay Phone Sex with Naughty Carrie

Ageplay Phone Sex  has got to be one of my favorite . I am a No taboos phone sex teen and ready to make you work for that fucking orgasm! I do just about anything…NO..wait i do EVERYTHING, no “JUST” about it!

So why dont all you horny guys just give me a call and tell me how you want it, who you want me to be and even how YOUNG you want me to play (Ageplay Phone Sex and Pedo Phone sex role-plays).  There are no limits on our naughty lil phone sex calls…hope to hear the  sound of your super hard cock fucking your hand for me soon!

Age Play Phone Sex Slut Carrie

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young phone sex girl

September 17th, 2015

carrie (29)
Young phone sex

I’m a young phone sex girl and the dirtier & nastier the better. Love the toilet slave play. Me as the toilet or you. I love it both ways. In fact it is better if we take turns. It is so important to share that kink. Kinky, perverted and twisted toilet activity. Golden showers, scat. Be my toilet, my toilet paper. Drink my pee, eat my shit and then clean it up. Turn you on? young phone sex girl I am all wet right now thinking about feeding you my hot little ass.

Carrie-Ageplay Slut
young phone sex girl

Daddy’s girl – ageplay phone sex!

August 1st, 2015

pedo phone sex

So I did another ageplay phone sex call ( I know, shock­ing right?!! LOL) but  I wanted to tell you all about it cause it was just so damn naughty and naughty that I just had to share..

I was dad­dy’s girl that daddy had been hav­ing sex with for a while, daddy always said incest was best.. But I was get­ting too old for daddy to fuck, he liked fuck­ing young lit­tle girls and I was a teen now and not as appeal­ing to him :(   So daddy and I decided that we’d seek out lit­tle girls to play with, using me as the accom­plice because I was young and cute and lit­tle girls would trust me over him.

We’d go to the bad parts of town where women were all cracked out and would do any­thing for money to get more stuff to get high.. We got some cute lit­tle girls to bring home with us and most were eager to please as long as we fed them real good first and bathed them. I know it is sad but its what daddy wanted and I always do what daddy tells me.

I’d help daddy with the lit­tle girls and even par­tic­i­pate by lick­ing their young pussies get­ting them nice and ready for daddy’s pedo cock. Daddy would have me hold their heads still while he forced his pedo cock into their mouths and after a lit­tle bit of hear­ing them whim­per daddy was ready to fuck. Daddy got super horny when the lit­tle girls whim­pered or even cried hard, it made him want to fuck them even more.. I’d watch as daddy would stuff his big pedo cock into their tiny lit­tle girl holes, stretch­ing them beyond belief !

WOW, it is so so naughty and taboo , huh? I think that is enough of the role­play for you guys :) I hope you call to act out your ageplay phone sex fan­tasy with me.


Dildos and Toys PHONE TEEN

Moan for me!

July 31st, 2015

I will moan for hours as you fuck my tight teenage cunt raw. That’s right, fuck my slutty little ass good and hard, make me scream your name, make me like it! I want to be your submissive little whore, but only if you first treat me like the princess that I am! I love hot and nasty sex, and I LOVE fucking older men. I guess you can say I have a daddy complex ~giggles~ So no matter what your roleplay is, I’m the young cumslut for you–call me today!


Carrie 1-888-374-0053

Incest Phone sex

July 27th, 2015

Daddy loves his little girl!

He crawls into my bed at night after Mommy goes to bed, he likes feeling my small warm body pressed against him. He’ll take out his hard cock and rub it up and down my tiny little girl slit… I’m scared, I know it’s going to hurt! I’m too small Daddy… it won’t fit!

Rape fantasies, rough phone sex, I do it all! I’ve even had guys start to feel bad I sound so realistic! I need a man who will force me to suck his cock, ramming it down the back of my throat until, I’m choking and gagging on his cock. Who will hold down my tiny little body, see my tiny bald cunt, know it’s small enough you could fit the whole thing in your mouth, and still shove his hard cock inside me, tearing my pretty pussy up… can you do that?


Carrie  1-888-374-0053

ageplay slut phonesex girl

July 24th, 2015

Submissive Phone sex

I’m Carrie, you’re sweet ageplay slut phonesex girl with an adorable young voice. I love the most taboo role-plays and super nasty fantasies. I’m your perfect mix between nasty and sweet. My sensitive puffy nipples and budding young breasts always make me feel tingles in my privates underneath my panties I can be a little sassy, but I love being your adorable young fuck doll. I’ve always been a Daddy’s Lil girl and even he finds me irresistible to look away from sometimes. *giggles* I do enjoy dressing up just to surprise him, shock him and tease his cock.

I like watching the bulge grow in his pant as I giggle innocently. I wonder if he can see my bald little cunnie when I bend over in my short skirts. I hope he sees how wet my young honey-pot can get even while being such a young age play fantasy teenie. Extra taboo fantasies are my fave. What do you like to talk about?

I love being your innocent girl to corrupt or do super rough nasty things, too. You can rape role-play with me and I’ll whimper or cry or I can be a very good little girl and just be embarrassed and humiliated but take it just how you like me to.


Let’s make our own little ageplay phonesex story!

July 18th, 2015

carrie (48)

One of my spe­cial callers sent this short ageplay phonesex story to me, it is such a tease but oh so hot, don’t ya think?

Lit­tle Stacy wanted tonight to be so spe­cial for her Daddy; she was burst­ing with excite­ment to finally get her Daddy all to her­self. As all week long with Daddy work­ing late and her senior classes keep­ing her so busy, it wasn’t pos­si­ble for them to be together, it had been an ago­niz­ingly lonely week for lit­tle Stacy.

Know­ing that her Daddy loved her entire body smooth and baby soft, Stacy spent hours pam­per­ing her skin and mak­ing every­thing so soft and smooth. First soft­en­ing her skin for hours in the bath then using her favorite body sugar scrub cleans­ing every inch of her sweet lit­tle body. Care­fully shav­ing her legs arms and lil pussy leav­ing her skin satiny soft for her Daddy’s touches. An invol­un­tary lit­tle groan “mmm­m­m­mmm” now escapes lil Stacy’s lips as she visu­ally and phys­i­cally remem­bers the feel­ing that came from her Daddy’s touches, the mem­ory now mak­ing her lil pussy heat up and ache for more of Dad­dies kisses and touches.

Let’s make our own little ageplay phonesex story!


Take me – Teen phone sex

July 15th, 2015

carrie (36)

I know why you want me. I’m a sexy naughty little girl with a tight pink cunt waiting to be taken and ravaged mercilessly by you. You’re attracted to me because I look so young – Until you hear my incredibly young voice and my derpaved little girl mind. Now you can’t get enough of me, your just dying to fill my tight little holes full of your hot sticky cum, making me your only little girl….

Carrie 1-888-374-0053


May 31st, 2015

I had another dream last night after a long day of ageplay phonesex calls, so
I thought I might share it with you on this fathers day.  I have always been daddies little girl and have always wanted to please him in every way.  I  was a little girl maybe 12 or 13, and it was fathers day, I went up to daddies study, I could tell he was a little DOWN so I helped him get UP, if you know what I mean.  Which I always did for him but this time mommy came in completely naked and started playing with my pussy while I was sucking daddies cock.  Making him cum all over mommies pussy and licking it off myself made me wake up all wet with naughty thought going through my head.

Now I need some daddy’s little girl phonesex.  Im so hot and waiting for you.   I want you to be my daddy and I want you to let me give daddy what he needs, CALL ME Carrie now for all your ageplay/incest phonesex needs.  1-866-966-8927

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Oh Fuck me daddy

May 23rd, 2015

Oh daddy I want you to sneak into my bedroom, while mommy is asleep and slide your hand on my pretty teen cotton panties getting them nice and wet. Then take your cock out daddy and rub across my lips while your hand is rubbing my little nipples, and your other hand is in my panties.

I open up my little mouth as you slide your cock in it as your fingers slide in my tight little young  pussy. I wake up and your laying on top of me telling me dont wake up mommy and you slide your cock deep in me. I moan out daddy daddy mmmmmmm daddy fuck your little girl. You moan back and tell me your going to cum in me and get me pregnant. I moan and tell you oh yes daddy.

Daddys little girl Carrie


Fun Phone Sex Age Play

May 11th, 2015

Fun Phone Sex Age Play

If you are seeking out a Fun Phone Sex Age Play then you and I have something in common. Those types of barely legal fantasies have always been one of my all time favs most likely because I am such a little tease. I love being fun and flirty, it is just in my nature so I am naturally as they say young at heart. I just cannot help to tempt men to look my way, what can I say I just a sucker for all that attention. Oh, did I say sucker? Why, yes I did hehe. Without sounding too conceited this little girl has had an oral fixation since the day I was born and my cock sucking mouth will suckle you dry! I cannot wait for you to call me so we can have such a fun and naught time. My tiny nipples are already stiff and my clitty already tingling just at the thought of you and I having a Fun Phone Sex Age Play together!

Forced Age Play Phone Sex

May 6th, 2015

carrie (68)

Do you like Forced Age Play Phone Sex Fun? Well then we have something in common.  I am a college girl who thinks she is better than the rest and you decide it is time to teach this cocky bitch a lesson! Swaying me into coming with you or just kidnapping me by force or drug! I wake up gagging on your cock as you shove it hard down my mouth! I am bound and naked and you have complete control over this little bitches destiny! I can barely catch my breath as you feed me your meat rod, chocking on the massive girth as you tell me what a fucking cunt I am!

Perhaps you might be my teacher or principal, fed up with us rich bitches! You take complete delight in torturing us and forcing us to do humiliating acts! I feel so shamed and embarrassed, begging you for mercy! I am sobbing so uncontrollably I can barely utter my words, never in my life have I been so mortified! You suck up every minute, laughing at how pitiful I am! Nothing like that conceited school girl walking past you with her nose up in the air, blowing you off like you were a piece of trash! The tables have now turned, and I will be taught a hardcore, no limits, Forced Age Play Phone Sex Lesson!


Tell me how you want it!

April 30th, 2015

carrie (85)

Tell me how you want it!

Do you want it nice and slow?…… Take my time telling you how I am devouring every inch of your body, making sure I pay special attention to those “naughty spots”

Do you want if Hard?…….Throw me down on the bed, rip my cloths off and shove that hard cock in every hole! Fucking this little teen slut’s cute lil body.This phone sex session is to please you, don’t worry about me, I love it any way that I could passably get it. Anything you have in mind will be fine with me!

Call me today honey and let’s have some naughty fun!

Carrie 1-866-966-8927

Panty Lovers Phonesex

April 28th, 2015

Panty Lovers PhoneseximagesSo many panties so little time!!

One of my callers tells me that each time he calls!! Panty lovers are NOT always some little foo foo running around and feeling pretty, oh so pretty . Yes some panty lovers are sissies that love to play dress up, but many are strait men that love scent of his lover or perhaps even a family member on them. He has the desire to taste the crotch of them and to feel the softness of her panties on his skin as he masturbates and imagining the way she would feel with him. I always enjoy hearing a caller tell me about the first time they stole a pair of panties or the first time they put them on and how it felt to them and whose panties they took. it intrigues me how some thing so simple as a piece of material can induce so many different feelings. Panty Lovers , I invite you to come have a phone sex session with me and tell me your personal experiences with panties.

Carrie 1-866-966-8927

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