Cyber Sessions

Cyber Sessions are sold in Blocks! MUST call to purchases/set up account!


You can now chat & talk about whatever you want with your favorite gals online, you can call in and purchase an online chat session at a rate of only $1.75/minute (10 minute minimum still applies).

Once our Dispatcher runs your Credit card, she will get your ID or you can log into our chat room & have a private session where she will talk about ANYTHING you want.

Free Pictures with Chat Sessions!

Please Call or message me on Yahoo  for more details!

10 Minutes – $17.50
15 Minutes – $26.50
20 Minutes – $35.00
** Special 30 Minutes – $45.00**

Calls over 30 Minutes will be billed @ $1.50/min

There is a $2.00 Connection Fee for Amex Cards

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