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Ageplay Teen Carrie

You like sexy blonde high school girl or even snobby teen cheerleader types? You know, the kind of girl that you know would never give you the time of day… but you still think you have a chance with her just because she gets your dick hard. You watched her at lunch trying so hard to even get a panty shot while she is sitting on those benches, and when you did you were convinced that she did it just to give you a visual for later on that night.You day dream of her tight teen body doing personal cheers just for you! You’re the kind that wants it but just never had the balls to just take her arent you?

…So you just jack off to her year book pictures and when you get home from the games you watch her cheer at.
You would even love for her and her friends to catch you masturbating and tease, humiliate and play with your head. It would drive you to insanity and make you jerk off like a little masturbating puppet just to get some attention from the head cheerleader.
Call me. I am that cheerleader, that prom queen.. live out that fantasy with me!

Talk to you soon! Carrie

Call me at 1-866-855-1241

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Yahoo ID:kall4carrie

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