Slumber Party Pedo Play!

March 25th, 2015

Slumber Party Pedo Play!

Slumber Party pedo play is so much fun, all the different things we can come up with to roleplay and talk about! One of my favorites should get you hot and horny if your a true pedo daddy like you tell me you are.

I was having a slumber party with some of my cute lil school friends. All the pigtails and little white cotton panties running around. They didn’t know I was bringing them over to stay the night so my daddy can play with them. I always have sleep overs so my daddy can play games with us and the games daddy plays is so much fun he has taught me a lot. He has taught me how to please men and if I wanted something that’s all I had to do was give them what they wanted and I would get what I wanted in return. So at the slumber party we had a lot of fun and daddy had 7 little girls to play with. Are you ready for my slumber party? Do you think you can handle all of us running around giggling and playing dress up in mommy’s cloths – her nighties and heels?

Let’s play some naughty little Slumber Party pedo play games and see what daddy can come up with! I am into everything – no taboos and i can be anyone and any age you want me to be! So pick up the phone and give me a call today. Mention this blog and get 5 minutes free with any 15 minute paid phonesex call! I will be waiting with all my little friends :D



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Let’s have some Twisted Phone Sex.

February 28th, 2015

Twisted Phone Sex.

Let’s have some Twisted Phone Sex.

On twisted Phone Sex you can chat to me about anything, and I mean anything! The dirtier, more twisted the better, no matter what your fetish is there are no taboos with me on here. I have yet to be shocked and love to listen to a guy with something different and a little more daring to chat about.

I want us both to have the horniest time ever; hearing me fucking myself with fingers or toys, and hearing that cock of yours being wanked hard and fast. Both of us cumming on our fuck filthy Twisted Phone Sex conversation would be amazing. I want it off the wall, x-rated and fucking horny.


Young Hooker Phonesex roleplays!

February 16th, 2015

Hooker Phonesex roleplaysI love to chat to guys about Young Hooker Phonesex roleplays, I really get off on a horny role play about me being a prostitute, being picked up by a big black filthy guy, describing to him what I can offer and then him fucking my brains out and leaving me with spunk in every hole.

I do like dangerous sex, so don’t be afraid to talk about raping me or threatening me with a knife. I like the idea that you are in charge, and I have to do everything that turns you on, and that includes sucking your dirty dribbling dick dry.

Imagining you leaving me in some remote spot coated in bruises and spunk. But secretly getting off on it, and wanting you to do it again to me. Young Hooker Phonesex roleplays is a huge turn on for me.



Babysitter Phone Sex with Ageplay Slut Carrie.

February 9th, 2015

Babysitter Phone Sex

Babysitter Phone Sex with Ageplay Slut Carrie.

Cum and enjoy some Babysitter Phone Sex with me, I’m sure you’ve sometimes fantasized about fucking that young hot babe who looks after your kids while you go out with your wife, wondering what she’s like under that teasingly tight little skirt, wondering what her panties are like and also just how tight that little pussy is. I was fucked when I was very young while I was babysitting so this subject is always a massive turn on for me. His wife went straight to bed as she’d had a few too many drinks, and he fucked me there and then on the sofa, his big dick stretching me open and he shot his milky load deep into me. I’m sure you like the idea of that? If so, give me a call on Babysitter Phone Sex.


Babysitter Phone Sex


Tight young body phonesex can blow your perverted minds!

January 27th, 2015

tight young body phonesex

Tight young body phonesex can blow your perverted minds!
Do you like the feel of a Tight Young Body next to yours, holding onto a girls slender hips as you fuck her pert ass, feeling those tits, nice hard nipples as you pound deeper and harder.

I really look after myself and keep myself in trim, and love to have a really hard session with you. I’m quite athletic when it comes to sex, and can ride that cock of yours for ages, having you sucking on my swollen nipples as you feel my creamy juices oozing out of me and dribbling down your cock to your balls.

Listening to that lovely sticky noise my pussy would make while riding on you. Feeling me cum, my tight muscles squeezing on your stiff shaft making you shoot your hot load into this Tight Young Body of mine and enjoy the hell outta some Tight young body phonesex!

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Cheerleader Phonesex

January 22nd, 2015

I am one of those Cheerleaders that you’ve been fantasizing about for years. You go to the High School Game, and you see those flawless long legs and that perfect tight little bubble butt -Peeking out from the Mini Skirt -my white tight panties, moist sweaty that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I may be only be 18,but  still knows the value of a gentle, slow and seductive tease, and that anything worth doing is worth doing well and i do   that. I need  your cock, I love older men that can bring out my curious wicked side while reliving those boyhood dreams of fucking me  barely 18 pussy!

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I really love being a teen phonesex girl.

January 15th, 2015

teen phonesex girl

I really love being a teen phonesex girl, from talking to all you horny guys on the telephone to telling you all about my kinky experiences. Being a teen definitly has some major advantages. I am still young but old enough to know how to pleasure you! I have had some really kinky experiences as a teenager and would love to tell you all about them. I am sure that you can still show or tell me a thing or two about sex, so give me a call and tell me what you would love to do with a teen phonesex girl like me.

I have to taboos and no restrictions – I will talk about anything on the phone and I have plenty of naughty toys in my toy box and nightstand.

XOXOX – Carrie

I can be naughty!

November 27th, 2014

I can be a very Naughty Bitch. I love very weak
minded men who I can take advantage & ownership of.
I will own you with one dial of the phone and whisper of your name,
you will become only Mine. My little pet. I will guide and
train you just the way I want you to be with me.
Submit slut. There is no turning back now, you know you wanna dial.

Some of My Deviant desires:
*Toliet Training *Diaper Babies * BDSM *CBT
*Blackmail *Forced Fem *Forced Cum Eating *Anal Play
*Panty sluts *Cum With holding * Financial Domme * Teen cuckolding

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Naughty games

November 24th, 2014

carrie (1)

I can’t wait to play some naughty games with you. I really like roleplay, any fantasy, and any age. I am a submissive phone sex teen and I like to do the stuff other girls won’t. Be a dirty daddy, horny brother, twisted teacher or kinky neighbor. I want you to sneak into my bedroom at night or invite me over after school. Let me be curious about sex or make me please your cock against my will. Push me down to my knees and fuck my face while I whimper and gag. I want to have your dick hard while you’re thinking about pumping my round black ass full of cum.

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Ageplay Phone Sex Teen Carrie

November 18th, 2014

Carrie Here, just sitting back thinking today about how when guys first see me, they like me because I look so sweet… you know, that girl you can take home to mom, but once they get to know me they soon find out I’m that girl their mother warned them about!  By then, it’s way too late because they are absolutely addicted to me and everything about me.  I love it when men’s cocks are always throbbing when they see or even just think of me.

I love that and it’s fucking amazing! Now, enough of the teasing cus I know your already hard. It’s about time you get over here and worship my cute hypnotic body with your cock. I have lots of holes that need some pleasing so bring on the dirty age play phone sex!

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Let’s make our own little ageplay phonesex story!

November 8th, 2014

carrie (48)

One of my spe­cial callers sent this short ageplay phonesex story to me, it is such a tease but oh so hot, don’t ya think?

Lit­tle Stacy wanted tonight to be so spe­cial for her Daddy; she was burst­ing with excite­ment to finally get her Daddy all to her­self. As all week long with Daddy work­ing late and her senior classes keep­ing her so busy, it wasn’t pos­si­ble for them to be together, it had been an ago­niz­ingly lonely week for lit­tle Stacy.

Know­ing that her Daddy loved her entire body smooth and baby soft, Stacy spent hours pam­per­ing her skin and mak­ing every­thing so soft and smooth. First soft­en­ing her skin for hours in the bath then using her favorite body sugar scrub cleans­ing every inch of her sweet lit­tle body. Care­fully shav­ing her legs arms and lil pussy leav­ing her skin satiny soft for her Daddy’s touches. An invol­un­tary lit­tle groan “mmm­m­m­mmm” now escapes lil Stacy’s lips as she visu­ally and phys­i­cally remem­bers the feel­ing that came from her Daddy’s touches, the mem­ory now mak­ing her lil pussy heat up and ache for more of Dad­dies kisses and touches.

Let’s make our own little ageplay phonesex story!


Taboo Schoolgirl Phonesex

October 27th, 2014


Taboo Schoolgirl Phonesex

I’m ready to roleplay all of your taboo schoolgirl phonesex fantasies with you! I have a thing for older men, even though it’s totally taboo to think about sex with someone old enough to be my Dad. But it’s Honestly true. I’ve also had major crushes on my teachers ever since I hit my teens, and I’ve always craved attention from all of my girlfriends’ fathers or Older brothers.

Does that make me a bad girl? Either way wouldn’t you enjoy roleplaying older male/younger female sex scenes with me? Come on, guys! Just admit it to yourselves and go for it. Phone sex with barely legal girls like me is something I’m sure you’ll never forget, and since our rates are so cheap you have nothing to lose but a hot load! taboo schoolgirl phonesex…

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Tease phone sex Carrie

October 25th, 2014

teen phone sex with ageplay Carrie

Tease phone sex Carrie

I am quite the girlie girl, and I love being the center of attention so when it’s football time I tend to get very very bored, very very quick. When I get bored I can turn into quite the brat…giggles…

I like to play games to amuse myself and try to distract you from the game… I put on my cutest outfits to strut around in…blocking the TV as much as I can hahaha… If that doesn’t put the attention back on me maybe I’ll sneak up behind you to play guess who and cover your eyes making sure you feel my perky titties against your back and you get a nice whiff of my favorite perfume. I’ll even take the cock tease phone sex to the next level when I come and sit on your lap….hhmmm whats that I feel growing?? giggles

I love knowing that my bratty teen games & Tease phone sex will always end with you watching the highlights of the game later that night * winks *

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Daddy phone sex!

October 22nd, 2014

carrie (42)

Daddy phone sex

Dirty little Daddies girl Carrie is on the prowl. I need a naughty Daddy to take me by the hand and lead me down that dark hall and take all my little girl holes right there in my tiny pink room covered in all those stuffed animals. I will do anything you want Daddy as long as you make the first time hurt and me scream bloody murder praying for mercy. You love to hurt me Daddy and I love to make you want to punish me.

I am the teen dream who will drive you crazy with her naughty desires and dirty little deeds. Nothing is going to take you to the edge faster or harder then my tight barely legal pussy. I have been told pussy this good would make a grown man cry for mercy just to taste the creamy sweetness. Try it Daddy. You know you want to. Call Carrie for hot Daddy phone sex..

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Take me – Teen phone sex

October 20th, 2014

carrie (36)

I know why you want me. I’m a sexy naughty little girl with a tight pink cunt waiting to be taken and ravaged mercilessly by you. You’re attracted to me because I look so young – Until you hear my incredibly young voice and my derpaved little girl mind. Now you can’t get enough of me, your just dying to fill my tight little holes full of your hot sticky cum, making me your only little girl….

Carrie 1-888-374-0053