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July 24th, 2014

Submissive Phone sex

I’m Carrie, you’re sweet ageplay slut phonesex girl with an adorable young voice. I love the most taboo role-plays and super nasty fantasies. I’m your perfect mix between nasty and sweet. My sensitive puffy nipples and budding young breasts always make me feel tingles in my privates underneath my panties I can be a little sassy, but I love being your adorable young fuck doll. I’ve always been a Daddy’s Lil girl and even he finds me irresistible to look away from sometimes. *giggles* I do enjoy dressing up just to surprise him, shock him and tease his cock.

I like watching the bulge grow in his pant as I giggle innocently. I wonder if he can see my bald little cunnie when I bend over in my short skirts. I hope he sees how wet my young honey-pot can get even while being such a young age play fantasy teenie. Extra taboo fantasies are my fave. What do you like to talk about?

I love being your innocent girl to corrupt or do super rough nasty things, too. You can rape role-play with me and I’ll whimper or cry or I can be a very good little girl and just be embarrassed and humiliated but take it just how you like me to.


Father’s Day Spe­cial

June 16th, 2014

carrie (29)

Are you ready to hear about this spe­cial guys???  Any calls 15 min­utes or greater will be reduced to $1.69 per minute!!! YES, heard us right, $1.69 per minute of hot steamy taboo teen phone sex with me!!!!

How is that for a nice Father’s Day Spe­cial guys????? You gotta admit this is a hell of a deal and I hope the lines will be blow­ing up more than they  have been.. You’d bet­ter cum play while you can because I won’t offer this sort of spe­cial too often!

You MUST ask the dis­patcher for the spe­cial to receive it, we will not give it to you auto­mat­i­cally. I want to know you are read­ing my blogs here and that’s a good way to find out..

DON’T FORGET 15 min­utes of HOT PHONE SEX FOR $1.69 per minute!!!!

Let’s make our own little ageplay phonesex story!

June 16th, 2014

carrie (48)

One of my spe­cial callers sent this short ageplay phonesex story to me, it is such a tease but oh so hot, don’t ya think?

Lit­tle Stacy wanted tonight to be so spe­cial for her Daddy; she was burst­ing with excite­ment to finally get her Daddy all to her­self. As all week long with Daddy work­ing late and her senior classes keep­ing her so busy, it wasn’t pos­si­ble for them to be together, it had been an ago­niz­ingly lonely week for lit­tle Stacy.

Know­ing that her Daddy loved her entire body smooth and baby soft, Stacy spent hours pam­per­ing her skin and mak­ing every­thing so soft and smooth. First soft­en­ing her skin for hours in the bath then using her favorite body sugar scrub cleans­ing every inch of her sweet lit­tle body. Care­fully shav­ing her legs arms and lil pussy leav­ing her skin satiny soft for her Daddy’s touches. An invol­un­tary lit­tle groan “mmm­m­m­mmm” now escapes lil Stacy’s lips as she visu­ally and phys­i­cally remem­bers the feel­ing that came from her Daddy’s touches, the mem­ory now mak­ing her lil pussy heat up and ache for more of Dad­dies kisses and touches.

Let’s make our own little ageplay phonesex story!


Incest Phone sex

May 30th, 2014

Daddy loves his little girl!

He crawls into my bed at night after Mommy goes to bed, he likes feeling my small warm body pressed against him. He’ll take out his hard cock and rub it up and down my tiny little girl slit… I’m scared, I know it’s going to hurt! I’m too small Daddy… it won’t fit!

Rape fantasies, rough phone sex, I do it all! I’ve even had guys start to feel bad I sound so realistic! I need a man who will force me to suck his cock, ramming it down the back of my throat until, I’m choking and gagging on his cock. Who will hold down my tiny little body, see my tiny bald cunt, know it’s small enough you could fit the whole thing in your mouth, and still shove his hard cock inside me, tearing my pretty pussy up… can you do that?


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Moan for me!

May 27th, 2014

I will moan for hours as you fuck my tight teenage cunt raw. That’s right, fuck my slutty little ass good and hard, make me scream your name, make me like it! I want to be your submissive little whore, but only if you first treat me like the princess that I am! I love hot and nasty sex, and I LOVE fucking older men. I guess you can say I have a daddy complex ~giggles~ So no matter what your roleplay is, I’m the young cumslut for you–call me today!


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Take me – Teen phone sex

May 23rd, 2014

I know why you want me. I’m a sexy naughty little girl with a tight pink cunt waiting to be taken and ravaged mercilessly by you. You’re attracted to me because I look so young – Until you hear my incredibly young voice and my derpaved little girl mind. Now you can’t get enough of me, your just dying to fill my tight little holes full of your hot sticky cum, making me your only little girl….

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GFE, Teen, Ageplay, Incest, I do it all!

May 19th, 2014

There is just something that is just so taboo about having phone sex with hot older guys while I’m still so young. I’m barely out of high school. I’m 18 years old and always horny and ready for hot, nasty sex with a man that loves to do incest and ageplay and play and take my tight hot young body.

I’m a typical 18 yr old teen and love to chat on the phone. I have perky tits A hot tight ass and love  showing off  no manner where I go, the pool, the mall or even just while taking a walk to to local market.

I’m  juicy, sweet and tasty that’s why men who enjoy barely legal phone sex fantasies, call me.  Get to know me, I love intimate long phone sex chat and I’m here for your ultimate sexy girlfriend experience.

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Barely Legal Teen Phone Sex Girl

May 16th, 2014

Teen Phone Sex calls are great as long as your find the right Barely Legal Girl.

I can tell you that I love Ageplay Phone Sex as well as Incest, Daddy daughter and all the ones in between. I am a No taboos phone sex teen and ready to make you work for that fucking orgasm!

Babysitter phone sex calls get me off because it’s usually a combination of many types of calls I like!

Give me a call and tell me how you want it, who you want me to be and even how YOUNG you want me to play. The sky is the limit on out phone sex calls…hope to hear the  sound of your super hard cock fucking your hand for me soon!

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I can be naughty!

April 25th, 2014

I can be a very Naughty Bitch. I love very weak
minded men who I can take advantage & ownership of.
I will own you with one dial of the phone and whisper of your name,
you will become only Mine. My little pet. I will guide and
train you just the way I want you to be with me.
Submit slut. There is no turning back now, you know you wanna dial.

Some of My Deviant desires:
*Toliet Training *Diaper Babies * BDSM *CBT
*Blackmail *Forced Fem *Forced Cum Eating *Anal Play
*Panty sluts *Cum With holding * Financial Domme * Teen cuckolding

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Ageplay Phone Sex Teen Carrie

April 18th, 2014

Carrie Here, just sitting back thinking today about how when guys first see me, they like me because I look so sweet… you know, that girl you can take home to mom, but once they get to know me they soon find out I’m that girl their mother warned them about!  By then, it’s way too late because they are absolutely addicted to me and everything about me.  I love it when men’s cocks are always throbbing when they see or even just think of me.

I love that and it’s fucking amazing! Now, enough of the teasing cus I know your already hard. It’s about time you get over here and worship my cute hypnotic body with your cock. I have lots of holes that need some pleasing so bring on the dirty age play phone sex!

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SouthernBel Phone Sex

April 4th, 2014

Single white female in search of late night fun. I love a man that knows when to be nice but can be naughty as well. I am very openminded and will try anything once. A great phone voice is a plus! If you love Southern accents then let’s chat and go from there!

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Naughty games

February 28th, 2014

carrie (1)

I can’t wait to play some naughty games with you. I really like roleplay, any fantasy, and any age. I am a submissive phone sex teen and I like to do the stuff other girls won’t. Be a dirty daddy, horny brother, twisted teacher or kinky neighbor. I want you to sneak into my bedroom at night or invite me over after school. Let me be curious about sex or make me please your cock against my will. Push me down to my knees and fuck my face while I whimper and gag. I want to have your dick hard while you’re thinking about pumping my round black ass full of cum.

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February 25th, 2014

Daddy knows that I’m a naughty girl who likes to play. Daddy and I have fun times together and he knows what I love best. I’m the best cocksucker he ever had and I know how to make my dad cum really quickly. I loves to shoot his cum all over my face and watch me lick it out. I know that family fun time is always going to be good because I get to do what I like the most. If you want to hear dirty little secrets of me and my daddy naughty then come join me in some phone sex.

I promise that once you hear what I like to do that you’ll be coming back for more.

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Cheerleader Phonesex

February 22nd, 2014

I am one of those Cheerleaders that you’ve been fantasizing about for years. You go to the High School Game, and you see those flawless long legs and that perfect tight little bubble butt -Peeking out from the Mini Skirt -my white tight panties, moist sweaty that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I may be only be 18,but  still knows the value of a gentle, slow and seductive tease, and that anything worth doing is worth doing well and i do   that. I need  your cock, I love older men that can bring out my curious wicked side while reliving those boyhood dreams of fucking me  barely 18 pussy!

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Tight young body phonesex can blow your perverted minds!

February 19th, 2014

tight young body phonesex

Tight young body phonesex can blow your perverted minds!
Do you like the feel of a Tight Young Body next to yours, holding onto a girls slender hips as you fuck her pert ass, feeling those tits, nice hard nipples as you pound deeper and harder.

I really look after myself and keep myself in trim, and love to have a really hard session with you. I’m quite athletic when it comes to sex, and can ride that cock of yours for ages, having you sucking on my swollen nipples as you feel my creamy juices oozing out of me and dribbling down your cock to your balls.

Listening to that lovely sticky noise my pussy would make while riding on you. Feeling me cum, my tight muscles squeezing on your stiff shaft making you shoot your hot load into this Tight Young Body of mine and enjoy the hell outta some Tight young body phonesex!

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