Naughty games

February 28th, 2014

carrie (1)

I can’t wait to play some naughty games with you. I really like roleplay, any fantasy, and any age. I am a submissive phone sex teen and I like to do the stuff other girls won’t. Be a dirty daddy, horny brother, twisted teacher or kinky neighbor. I want you to sneak into my bedroom at night or invite me over after school. Let me be curious about sex or make me please your cock against my will. Push me down to my knees and fuck my face while I whimper and gag. I want to have your dick hard while you’re thinking about pumping my round black ass full of cum.

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February 25th, 2014

Daddy knows that I’m a naughty girl who likes to play. Daddy and I have fun times together and he knows what I love best. I’m the best cocksucker he ever had and I know how to make my dad cum really quickly. I loves to shoot his cum all over my face and watch me lick it out. I know that family fun time is always going to be good because I get to do what I like the most. If you want to hear dirty little secrets of me and my daddy naughty then come join me in some phone sex.

I promise that once you hear what I like to do that you’ll be coming back for more.

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Cheerleader Phonesex

February 22nd, 2014

I am one of those Cheerleaders that you’ve been fantasizing about for years. You go to the High School Game, and you see those flawless long legs and that perfect tight little bubble butt -Peeking out from the Mini Skirt -my white tight panties, moist sweaty that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I may be only be 18,but  still knows the value of a gentle, slow and seductive tease, and that anything worth doing is worth doing well and i do   that. I need  your cock, I love older men that can bring out my curious wicked side while reliving those boyhood dreams of fucking me  barely 18 pussy!

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Tight young body phonesex can blow your perverted minds!

February 19th, 2014

tight young body phonesex

Tight young body phonesex can blow your perverted minds!
Do you like the feel of a Tight Young Body next to yours, holding onto a girls slender hips as you fuck her pert ass, feeling those tits, nice hard nipples as you pound deeper and harder.

I really look after myself and keep myself in trim, and love to have a really hard session with you. I’m quite athletic when it comes to sex, and can ride that cock of yours for ages, having you sucking on my swollen nipples as you feel my creamy juices oozing out of me and dribbling down your cock to your balls.

Listening to that lovely sticky noise my pussy would make while riding on you. Feeling me cum, my tight muscles squeezing on your stiff shaft making you shoot your hot load into this Tight Young Body of mine and enjoy the hell outta some Tight young body phonesex!

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Ageplay Phonesex with Carrie

February 16th, 2014

ageplay phonesex

I love hearing your ageplay phonesex fantasies, your desires, all your dirty little kinks. I love your dirty thoughts! I love to hear how you want to fuck me. I love to hear what you want to do with that certain someone… or something. I love hearing about you playing with toys for me. I love hearing about how you want to fuck your wife real rough. I love to hear all those dirty things you wouldn’t tell anyone else. Call me for ageplay phonesex… and tell me you deepest, darkest, dirtiest desires…

I am listening!


I really love being a teen phonesex girl.

January 15th, 2014

teen phonesex girl

I really love being a teen phonesex girl, from talking to all you horny guys on the telephone to telling you all about my kinky experiences. Being a teen definitly has some major advantages. I am still young but old enough to know how to pleasure you! I have had some really kinky experiences as a teenager and would love to tell you all about them. I am sure that you can still show or tell me a thing or two about sex, so give me a call and tell me what you would love to do with a teen phonesex girl like me.

I have to taboos and no restrictions – I will talk about anything on the phone and I have plenty of naughty toys in my toy box and nightstand.

XOXOX – Carrie

Ageplay phonesex calls

December 1st, 2013

Ageplay phonesex calls

Daddy knows how to take care of me and I know how to take care of him.  When I was little we came to an understanding, since mommy was gone all the time, that he would get me what ever I want and let me do whatever I want if I took care of his SPECIAL needs.  He bought me a computer for a blowjob and a car to let him eat my pussy and fuck my tight little ass.  It is good for me both ways, I get what I want and I get laid I love it.

You know you want this young ass, but just know it doesnt come cheap, or should I say you dont CUM cheap.  Call me CARRIE for all your ageplay phonesex calls, but bring your credit card and keep it handy.

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Ageplay Phone Sex with Naughty Carrie

November 29th, 2013

ageplay phone sex

Ageplay Phone Sex with Naughty Carrie

Ageplay Phone Sex  has got to be one of my favorite . I am a No taboos phone sex teen and ready to make you work for that fucking orgasm! I do just about anything…NO..wait i do EVERYTHING, no “JUST” about it!

So why dont all you horny guys just give me a call and tell me how you want it, who you want me to be and even how YOUNG you want me to play (Ageplay Phone Sex and Pedo Phone sex role-plays).  There are no limits on our naughty lil phone sex calls…hope to hear the  sound of your super hard cock fucking your hand for me soon!

Age Play Phone Sex Slut Carrie

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Sexy, naughty, barely legal teen phonesex girl.

August 31st, 2013

Babysitter Phone Sex

I want to be that sexy, naughty, barely legal teen phonesex girl that you can’t resist! I have a super sweet, sexy and very very young sounding voice I think you’ll LOVE to play on the phone with. I’m all natural and and looking to play that lil teen phonesex role play with you!
I hope you don’t mind a naughty lil nympho, because that is totally me!  I’m VERY open minded and hope you’ll teach me everything I need to know! Doing your newest plaything and barely legal teen phonesex girl!


:) Hope you all have a great weekend!

VMA Miley Cyrus – Accomplice phonesex?

August 29th, 2013

Hi guys, so I was watching the VMA’s in between your hot age play calls and I must say Miley Cyrus is such a hoe! She is raunchy beyond what I imagined she would ever be! I had a call yesterday about kidnapping a girl and treating her like a slut for her little short skirts and teasing…OMG I could imagine doing that to Miley! I dunno if we can “give her” more then she has already gotten, but wouldn’t it be fun to try!! Giggles….
Her poor daddy! Maybe we could make him watch! lol

Carrie – Accomplice phonesex?


Ageplay Phonesex fantasy – knife play.

August 16th, 2013

Ageplay Phonesex fantasy – knife rape.

Ageplay Phonesex fantasy – knife play.

I want you to imagine kidnapping me, taking me to a darkened room and telling me that I’m not getting out of there unless I do as you tell me! You tie me up with rope, my hands behind my back and make me suck on the cold steel of your knife, looking into my eyes as you take out your throbbing cock.  The knife is placed against my throat as I suck it for you, if I cough or splutter I feel the sharpness against my neck…

Would love you to continue this for me, fantasy knife play phonesex and being submissive little girl for you is my thing, and I hope it is yours too!

XOXOX – Carrie – Ageplay Phonesex

Slutty preteen ageplay phonesex.

August 10th, 2013

carrie_sleep (8)

Slutty preteen ageplay phonesex.

I had such a horny phonesex call today which reminded me of my Dad’s friend. He used to come over and they would play cards until late. I was always in bed and he would come into my room, his breath would smell of beer as he started to kiss me. I always pretended to be asleep, but I couldn’t when he put his big cock inside my slutty preteen pussy.

He said I was his special girl and made me suck his cock dry; I want to be your ‘special girl’ and let you enjoy me too!

XOXOX – Carrie – Ageplay Phonesex

Little girl phone sex.

August 5th, 2013



Little girl phone sex.

My body is so cute and sexy, and my voice is perfect for your sexy teen phone sexcall. My mind is that of a total fuck slut, enticing pedo’s to use my hot tight holes and suck on my  breasts

Listen to me sucking my lollipop and twirling my hair while you show me what you can do with that hot horny teen cunt loving cock of yours.

XOXOX – Carrie

Wanna be my daddy?

July 11th, 2013

Submissive Phone sex

I have a fantasy that I think of over and over. Whenever I start thinking about my naughty, wicked fantasy I can’t stop myself from having to stick my fingers in my tight, wet hole. In my favorite fantasy I picture myself sleeping in a sexy little nightie with no panties on. In the middle of the night daddy sneaks into my bedroom and stares at me sleeping and after a while he wants me so bad that he pulls out his giant dick and starts to rub it against my face. I wake up because daddy starts breathing heavy, and as soon as daddy sees that I am awake he makes me wrap my pretty lips around his monster schlong and devour him until I start choking on his sperm. I want daddy so bad that I ache!

Wanna be my daddy?

XOXOX Carrie

Ageplay Phonesex with Carrie

July 1st, 2013

incest phonesex

I’m the naughty girl next door that you’ve been dreaming about. I know you lay awake at night stroking your cock and thinking about me! Give me a call and tell me all your dirty little secrets. I love taboo phone sex! I have no limits and no restrictions!!! Ageplay Phonesex with Girl next door!

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